In April 1995, an entrepreneur by the name of André Paquette founded Pizz-Pub Inc. Having accumulated years of experience in various types of businesses, his innovative idea revolved around applying advertising on corrugated cardboard pizza boxes. In a Pizza world dominated by chip board boxes, it was a bold move which caught on over time and perseverance. The restaurant could team up with partners to reduce costs on a recurring expense and enjoy an added value on its box with a unique design. All the while, the advertising brought exposure on high volumes of distribution.

B1 & B2

In the early 2000’s, Pizz-Pub presented their two generic pizza box models B1 & B2, with unique designs printed in red. Thanks to synergy with more than a dozen business partners, these boxes have now reached all corners of the province and beyond.


In search of constant innovation, we acquired equipment allowing us to print a unique and customized design on pizza boxes. The process allows small orders to be fulfilled at a reasonable price for any client in quest of offering a visual effect which will make their pizza box stand out from the competition. Some clients still apply the principle of pairing with a partner to reduce the cost of the box in exchange for advertisement at a low cost. Who knows?! The personalized pizza box coming from your favourite family restaurant, snack-bar or pizzeria may have literally passed through our hands!


With so many projects and ideas for our future, expansion was inevitable. In April 2013, we welcomed François Beauchamp as a partner to our team. His 18 years of expertise from various backgrounds of technology, sales, customer service and finance make us better equipped to offer a great quality of service throughout our growth.


2014 brought more changes as Pizz-Pub became Novapac. The name change went along with our new image and mission statement as we are now: Novapac, Packaging Workshop. The same attention to details continues to drive our daily activities. We want to earn the privilege of being your first choice for personalized requests of smaller volume. Our expertise will protect your cherished products with a box that shows how much, just like us, you value your hard work.